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It's more than just a catchy hashtag, at Australian Energy Upgrades it's why we do what we do.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”. 


This proverb was written thousands of years ago but it couldn’t be more relevant today. 

Whatever application, whether it be business, societal or cultural where there is no vision there is no purpose, no progress and ultimately, no life.


There’s also a really practical response to this proverb as well. Today, we live in a world where hundreds of thousands of people are perishing each day from starvation and lack of clean drinking water. 

We instantly think of the third world but even here in our great nation of Australia there are so many people doing it tough.


Whenever we hear about sustainability, it's always in the context of saving and preserving ’future generations’. How this world will not be able to sustain our children and grandchildren due to the damage we are causing today.
In our pursuit to sustain future generations, are we neglecting to sustain those who need it most in our current generation?


Right now there are hundreds of thousands of children who are not being sustained due to lack of clean drinking water and starvation. How can we as a society sustain our future generations if we can not sustain our own?


At Australian Energy Upgrades we have a big vision. We are passionate about sustainability! We have made it our personal mandate to partner with others who share this mandate, to be change agents in our world, agents of sustainability and preservation of human life. 


We believe in creating a sustainable future but we also believe in #SustainableNow.


We see a world where clean, affordable power is accessible to every people of every nation. 


We see a world where children don’t have to go hungry, where clean water flows freely and educational facilities have the resources they need to equip children to bring positive change to their communities. 


This is our vision, this is why we do what we do. 


We are an energy management company. You may wonder what our core business has to do with this grand vision. 


In essence, this company isn’t about us. It’s not about personal wealth creation or being listed in a prestigious category. It’s a resource to aid and create momentum in achieving our goal of #SustainableNow. 

We started this company with a vision to make an impact in our world for the better. That by tapping into the prosperity of our great nation, improving our clients bottom line, partnering with amazing people and organisations we could improve the lives of so many people who aren’t as fortunate as we. 


That’s why we have partnered with certain charitable organisations and donate from every project. 


Join the #SustainableNow revolution, partner with us as we change the world.

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