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Upgrade old halogen lights to lED for free

Australian Energy Upgrades is changing the way Australians light their homes.

We offer FREE installation of new LED lighting products for your home, office or business. We do this through the Victorian government LED replacement program Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU).

You can reduce your electricity bills by switching to LED lights. Taking advantage of the VEU program, Victorian residents can upgrade their spiral/stick CFL bulbs and their existing halogen downlights to new LED lights for FREE.

Want to upgrade your

mercury or halogen lights?

Old Light

LED Light


In order to qualify for this FREE offer, the Victorian residents must have the following:

  • A minimum 20 CFL fluorescent light bulbs, or

  • A minimum 20 halogen downlights, or

  • A minimum 20 incandescent lights, or

  • A minimum 20 reflector lights, or

  • A minimum 20 of the above, mixed

Non-dimmable lights are only covered under this offer. Dimmable options are available for additional costs.

Offer valid for limited time only.

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