Victorians are now eligible to have their electric hot water system upgraded to an energy efficient heat pump free of charge. Thanks to both State and Federal Government initiatives, we are able to supply and install heat pumps at no cost, saving you up to 80% on energy costs.


To secure your free heat pump and schedule an installation date, please fill in the contact form below.

Eco Alliance Dynaheat heat pump series

You are eligible for a brand new solar heat pump fully installed free of charge. 


That’s right, the Federal and Victorian Government have incentivised the replacement of electric hot water systems to brand new high efficiency solar heat pumps so much we can install them 100% free of charge


Our solar heat pumps are 80% more efficient than electric hot water systems which will save you $1000’s each year. 

Not only are our heat pumps highly efficient, but they are the quietest and most efficient residential heat pumps in the market marking them the best. 

And don’t take our word for it, we have been rated number 1 on product review (click here). 


Supplied with a 1 year warranty, our heat pumps are 

only installed by licensed plumbers and electricians. 


What are you waiting for? Get your free solar heat pump today.

FREE? Whats the catch...
We operate under the Victoria Energy Upgrades program which is a Victorian state government program designed to lower the carbon footprint of Victoria. By replacing your existing electric hot water unit and replacing it with a new Eco Alliance Dynaheat heap pump we are lowering your power consumption by up to 80%. As we are lowering the power consumption we are able to generate Victoria Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) which pay for the cost of the product, installation and administration of the product.

how does the dynaheat heat pump work?

Water heating is the single largest source of greenhouse emissions for the average Australian home. This accounts for about a quarter of household energy use. Approximatly half of all Australian households use electric resistance hot water heaters in their homes. 

These traditional electric hot water heaters produce up to three times the amount of greenhouse has then new Dynaheat heat pumps.

Dynaheat heat pumps can be up to 80% more energy efficient compared to traditional electric hot water systems.

Pulls in heat from AIR

The Dynaheat unit pulls heat from the air, even if the air is cold

transfer of heat

Heat flows through the condenser coils which heat the water

heat the water

Warm air is compressed, increasing the temperature (heating the water)

cold air released

The system automatically released the cold air

dynaheat heat pump features

Panasonic compressor

Designed in Japan, Panasonic compressors are more thermal efficient that traditional compressors and offer and wider range of operation and performance all year round.



Dynaheat heat pumps come equiped with a LCD display which provides a wide range of operations and settings to ensure the lowest energy consumption.

connect & go installation

Dynaheat heat pumps come ready for installation by our plumbers and electricians. Installation shouldn't take more than 1-4 hours.



Dynaheat heat pumps are designed for quiet operation. Our custom designed fan module allows for quiet operation and effective water heating.

stainless steel tanks

Dynaheat heat pumps are manufactured using 316 graded stainless steel, providing better overall corrosion resistance and higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.



Dynaheat heat pumps are approved under the VIC and NSW energy schemes, saving you thousands.

dynaheat heat pump BROCHURE

commonly asked questions

What happens after I fill out the contact form?

After you fill out the contact form you will be contacted within 2-3 business days by Eco Alliance to schedule in the installation

 of your new energy efficient hot water heat pump, Eco Alliance will provide you with an installation date. If you are not contacted within 2-3 business days please call Australian Energy Upgrades on 1300 996 917.

How long will installation take?

Installation generally takes 2-4 hours.

Why is the Eco Alliance heat pump so much smaller in capacity compared to my old unit?

Old electric hot water units are designed to heat your water during off-peak period over night, then store that hot water to be used over the duration of a whole day. Heat pumps use air and not electricity to heat your water and operate all day long, when it senses a change of temperature in the tank or hot water is used the tank automatically refills and immediately reheats the tank to the selected temperature. For this reason you no longer need to store large amounts of hot water to last the whole day.

Additional warranty

3 year warranty (parts & labour) - $249.00

5 year warranty (parts & labour) - $349.00

7 year warranty (parts only) - $449.00

What if I have a gas system currently?

If you currently have a gas hot water system and would like to upgrade to a Eco Alliance heat pump it will require a

co-payment of $1000.00.

What happens to the old unit after installation of new Eco Alliance heat pump?

After your new Eco Alliance heat pump is installed you can either dispose of your old system yourself or Eco Alliance can remove it for you for $150.00.